Welcome to Dangl light & grip rental Vienna, Austria!

We provide comprehensive lighting and grip equipment and services for established national and international film and advertising production companies. In addition we also attach great importance to the young art and film scene, which we support to the best of our knowledge and belief to ensure lively contact and exchange with young filmmakers, photographers and artists from other fields.
Thanks to flexibility, great commitment and years of experience as top lighting technicians on set, we create the optimal support for every project.

Our basic values are:

  • Fairness
  • Sustainability
  • Reliability

We would be happy to work with you to develop special solutions for your requirements.

Company History

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In 1968 the trained mechanical engineer Ernst Dangl began his career as a freelance lighting technician with his own equipment after years of experience as a camera assistant and cameraman.

In 1974 Dangl founded the ASA Dangl film technology equipment rental company at the company’s headquarters in Vienna’s 17th district. At that time, his basic technical equipment consisted only of a light case, a sound case and a 16mm film camera (ARRI SR1). Within a very short time, the company became the leading independent light and device rental company for Austrian filmmakers.

Ernst Dangl dies unexpectedly in 1978. From then on, Ernst’s 60-year-old mother, Hildegard Dangl, continued his life’s work and, with the active support of employees and friends of the late company founder, managed not only to continue Ernst Dangl GmbH – as it was called from 1980 – but to expand, with an increasing focus on light & grip rental. In the meantime, not least thanks to the support of “Mama Dangl” – as she was affectionately known in the industry – several other rental companies were founded with roots in the Dangl company. Through a broad focus on the ORF (Austrian Broadcasting Corporation), however, the various film and advertising productions were neglected over the years, so that the company lost a lot of ground.

In 1995, Mama Dangl  brought in her young nephew Christian Stoklas, who awakened Ernst Dangl GmbH from its slumber. He continuously gathers a young, dedicated team of electricians, who intensify contact with the production companies again. At the same time, the technical equipment is being successively expanded and renewed. For the next 25 years Christian successfully manages the company and not only establishes it in large advertising, cinema and feature film productions, but Dangl is since then also the first contact point for the art and short film scene in Austria.

In 2020 Christian wants to take more care of his second company CamCat Systems GmbH but also follow the call from afar and increasingly go on longer trips. He sells the company to David Siebert, a young gaffer with many years of experience in the film business. He has big plans. Ernst Dangl GmbH is supposed to balance the act of keeping its own charm and family character and at the same time is being taken into the 21st century. It is mucked out, rebuilt, modernized and a completely new Internet and Social Media presence is created. New goals are set, such as fairness, regionality, sustainability. The industry is undergoing major change and is shaken not least by the corona pandemic from March 2020. But the journey has only just begun.