Frequently asked questions

Yes. We regularly invest in both established brands and emerging products.

Yes you can. For this service we charge 50,- net / hour extra.

No. If you load on Friday afternoon, have a shooting day on Sunday and return on Monday morning, you only have to pay for one shooting day.

Set-up days are charged at half a shooting day.

You can come well prepared, advertise for us, have a cool project, etc. There are many possibilities! Just contact us!

Pickups are best in the afternoon, returns are best in the morning. The more specific the time, the better. Please plan enough time to finish within the opening hours without stress!

We plan to offer a number of workshops and webinars. Follow us on Instagram and subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date!

We regularly cooperate with other rental companies or manufacturers to organize everything you need for your project!

No. Our transporters are only rented with our equipment!

We have a large national and international network of technicians at our disposal and take care of the entire process from inquiry to registration and billing, or establish the right contacts for your project.

No. However, we do offer insurance for an additional fee if required.

Yes. We are also the first point of contact for you in this area. We are in regular contact with various experts on this topic. This results in new concepts that are gradually becoming the standard in the industry and are being adopted by other suppliers. For example, we are/were the first to offer portable battery solutions with solar panels.

We repair instead of throwing away.

We get our electricity purely from sustainable energy.

We are a member of “1% for the planet”, which means that we donate 1% of our sales to sustainable causes.